A solar return chart is cast for the precise moment the Sun returns to its natal position. This chart describes the astrological factors in play during the birthday-to-birthday year. In the same way, the lunar return chart is cast for the moment when the transiting Moon returns to its natal position. Together, these charts are extraordinary tools for accurate astrological prediction.

You will learn:

  • How to analyze solar and lunar return charts.

  • How to cast and analyze quarter and half-year solars. This technique will show you how to accurately predict events not obvious by transits alone.

The return charts of famous people and political figures will be used as examples.  


The information can be applied to both sidereal and tropical return charts. The difference between the two will be discussed. Instructions for precession-correcting solar and lunar returns will be provided for those who use the tropical zodiac.

Cost: $75.00. No need to attend live. A recording will be sent to all who register for this event.

This hour long webinar on western sidereal astrology includes information on the history of the western sidereal tradition and the origins of the exaltations. The webinar also includes a comparison of tropical and western sidereal charts—both natal charts and solar returns.