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Crisis Solar Returns for the U.S. 

The 2018 Midtern Election

November 5, 2018


There are mostly bad transits on election night for Mr. Trump. 

At 11:00 pm EST on November 6th when the polls close in the West and the networks can begin to predict who wins the House and the Senate, transiting Mars will be in 29° Capricorn 43' (sidereal reckoning used throughout this note). That Mars will be quincunx Trump's natal Saturn at 29° Gemini 49', only 6 minutes shy of the exact contact; transiting Mars will be sesquiquadrate Trump's natal Mercury at 14° Gemini 52' only 9 minutes shy of the exact contact; in Trump's lunar chart closest to the election, transiting Pluto will be only 1m 18s of right ascension from the I.C. of his sidereal demi-lunar return set up for Washington that began on October 28 (1m 18s of RA is slightly more than ¼°); transiting Mars will be square the M.C. (0° Scorpio 14') of Trump's sidereal quarter solar return set up for Washington that began on September 16, only 31 minutes of arc short of exact; transiting Mars will square Trump's own natal M.C. (0° Taurus 22') only 39 minutes from exact; transiting Mars will be semi-square the ascendant of Trump's current sidereal solar return (15° Sagittary 35') set up for Washington D.C. only 52 minutes shy of exact at 11:00 pm on the 6th, and exact to the minute on the 8th; transiting Mars will oppose Trump's natal Mars 3° and 4’ from exact at 11:00 pm on the 6th, and exact to the minute on November 12th.

The president does have transiting Venus backing into the square to his natal Venus, but it’s not exact until supper-time in the late afternoon of November 7th, the day after the election. Mr. Trump has urged the electorate to make the 2018 election a referendum on him. Transiting Jupiter will be square his natal ascendant (5° Leo 59') on November 12th, which is also a good thing for Mr. Trump, but the immediacy and the number of the Mars transits suggests that he will not be pleased with the outcome of election night. It should not be supposed that the Venus retrograde condition weakens it or that the square from transiting Jupiter to his ascendant is in itself a bad thing. The supposed nature of an aspect does not contravene the essential nature of the planets that comprise it. The problems for the president stem from the Mars transits, which are inimical to his interests and Pluto at the I.C. of the demi-lunar, which is symbolic of rejection.

Therefore in contrast to the predictions of several right-leaning astrologers, I think the correct interpretation of the symbolism of Tuesday’s mid-term election is that the president’s power will be checked as a result of the vote on November 6, 2018.

© Kenneth Bowser, 2018

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