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Mentoring Group


The mentoring group is for both sidereal and tropical astrologers who want to take their practice to the next level and expand their ability to read astrological symbolism. This monthly group is designed to help you to develop accurate, high-quality, in-depth interpretation skills using a variety of aspects and advanced techniques. In addition to the rules of interpretation, you’ll learn to read a speculum and incorporate in mundo aspects and stars into your interpretations.


Bring your client charts or the charts of your friends and family. In each two-hour Zoom meeting, you will fine tune your interpretation skills as you learn to synthesize the many factors in each horoscope. The meetings will be recorded and sent to each student.

This group is for intermediate and advanced students of astrology. Students must have working knowledge of astrology and some experience with chart interpretation. All charts will be shown in sidereal longitude, but the same rules of interpretation apply to both the sidereal and tropical schools.


Students will receive 20% off all courses, books, lectures and webinars.

Monthly meetings on Saturdays, 1:00-3:00pm CST

First group meets on May 11, 2024. Space is limited

Remaining Dates, 2024-2025:

June 15, 2024, July 13, 2024, August 17, 2024, September 14, 2024, October 26, 2024, 

November 9, 2024, December 7, 2024, January 18, 2025, February 15, 2025, March 15, 2025

April 19, 2025

Recommended: Janus Software or Solar Fire 10 (out in 2024)         



(Save $200)

Private Tutoring


In between book projects, I am available for private tutoring both in person, on Zoom or by telephone. The sessions are recorded and sent to you via e-mail in MP3 or MP4 format.​

Topics can include interpretation, solar and lunar returns, primary directions, secondary progressions, directing the angles, use of the speculum/aspects in mundo, ex-precessing planets, the equatorial and ecliptic systems and astrocartography.


Price: $300 per hour. $250 per hour for 10 or more sessions.



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