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The 2022 Midterm Elections

November 2022

The midterm election of November 8th falls on the day of a total lunar eclipse, visible at Washington. The eclipse will be at its maximum at 6:11:19 am EST, when the Sun and Moon will be opposite, exact to the second, in right ascension. The defining parameter with eclipses is right ascension, not longitude. 

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Donald Trump's 2022-2023 Solunars

June 2022

The angles of a horoscope, the cusps of houses 1, 4, 7 and 10, are the most important and powerful venues in any chart, whether a natal chart or a cyclic chart like a solar or lunar return. This old maxim is brought home by Donald Trump’s public castigation and humiliation via the current hearings underway in Congress and broadcast to the entire nation. 

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President Biden’s 2021-2022 Solar Return

November 2021

President Biden’s sidereal solar return for age 79 begins at 1:43:21 p.m. EST on November 20, 2021 at Washington D.C. (Figure 1). It is mostly a difficult chart because Neptune is angular just below the ascendant where it will remain for the entire birthday-to-birthday year. It means that he is mostly contained, cornered and essentially a captive of circumstance.

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Joe Biden's 2021 Solar and Lunar Returns

June 2021

President Biden has been frustrated of late in his efforts to get anything past the blocking maneuvers of Mitch McConnell in the Senate; he has also suffered a critical defection in Democratic ranks. Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia has effectively killed the “For the People Act,” which would have rescinded efforts to suppress voting throughout the country. This was predictable in both his solar and lunar returns. 

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Donald Trump’s 2020 Solar Return

June 2020

President Trump turned 74 on June 14th. His solar return set up for the coordinates of the White House. It has some good elements: the solar Moon is sextile Venus (0° 38’), solar Jupiter is opposite natal Venus (1° 00’), although—Jupiter is in its fall in Capricorn—and Uranus is angular in the midheaven.

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Donald Trump and the Chart of the U.S. Presidency

May 2020

There is an extraordinary correspondence between the horoscope of George Washington’s first inauguration and the horoscope of Donald Trump. Actually it exists to some degree in the horoscopes of most presidents, although usually not with respect to the angles, as is the case here.

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Will Boris Johnson Recover?

April 2020

Prince Charles and Boris Johnson have Moons that are almost exactly opposed. The Prince’s Moon is in a royal sign at 6° Aries 24’ and Johnson’s Moon is at 6° Libra 21’. They both showed symptoms of COVID-19 in March 2020 with very similar lunar returns. All positions in this note are with respect to sidereal reckoning.

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Crisis Solar Returns for the U.S.

 March 2020

Aside from the American Revolution itself (1775 - 1783), the most desperate period in the history of the U.S. to date was the American Civil War (1861 - 1865). Modern estimates of the U.S. losses during the War of Independence range from 25,000 to 70,000, with the majority of those deaths due to disease and inadequate medical care.

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Donald Trump's Solunars, February-March 2020

 February 2020

Many astrologers were expecting that the transit of Mars over the president’s lights on February 5th through 7th would be more telling than it proved to be; but Mars did not reach an angle in POTUS’s solar or lunar returns until it was beyond his lights. Generally the angles carry the day.

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The 2018 Midterm Elections

November 2018

There are mostly bad transits on election night for Mr. Trump. At 11:00 pm EST on November 6th when the polls close in the West and the networks can begin to predict who wins the House and the Senate, transiting Mars will be in 29° Capricorn 43'. 

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Donald Trump's Ominous 2017 Solar Return

April 2017

Sidereal solar and lunar returns are powerful predictive instruments. It was primarily via Donald Trump’s solar and quarter solar returns that I predicted in May of 2016 that he would win the U.S. Presidential election, which looked unlikely at the time. 

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Donald Trump and the 2016 Presidential Election

May 2016

As I write this on Sunday May 15, 2016, Donald Trump has sewn up the Republican nomination for President of the United States. Despite his whirlwind success and support from conservatives and some independents, his arrogance, meanness and unwillingness to give serious answers to substantive issues have evoked criticism from nearly every quarter. 

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Why Obama Won in 2012

November 2012

President Obama’s 2012 sidereal solar return is extremely impressive. His solar return Venus is conjoined to his natal Venus with both of them barely above the solar return ascendant set up for the coordinates of the White House. Thus both natal and solar return lesser benefics are angular in the master chart for the year that began on August 4, 2012. 

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