Solar and Lunar Returns for Donald Trump, Mid-February to Mid-March 2020

February 2020

Many astrologers were expecting that the transit of Mars over the president’s lights on February 5th through 7th would be more telling than it proved to be; but Mars did not reach an angle in POTUS’s solar or lunar returns until it was beyond his lights. Generally the angles carry the day. Without angularity the transit of Mars over and near Trump’s lights proved to be nothing more than being roasted on the Senate floor by Democrats to no avail. Significantly, transiting Venus reached the ascendant of his sidereal lunar return (see figure 1) on January 29th when he was assured that he had the votes to prevent the calling of witnesses in his impeachment sham trial. Transiting Mars did reach the M.C. of the January 21st lunar return for Washington on February 8th but it was ineffective because the president was in Florida on that day. Solar and lunar returns are place specific.

All the great masters are in agreement about the power of the angles: the horizon and the meridian as well as the angle houses, one, four, seven and ten. They overshadow other positions in a horoscope. This is true with regard to the natus as well as return charts.

There is a major confluence of transits and directions to the president’s solar and lunar return angles in March that will likely produce more trouble than what the impeachment episode brought. The major issue is that transiting Saturn, the greater malefic, comes to within one degree of the sidereal solar return mid-heaven equated to Washington on March 7th and reaches the solar M.C. exactly on March 18th (see figure 2). That usually brings first rank trouble of the sort that cannot be swept aside. In addition, transiting Mars, the lesser malefic, will come to the trine of the solar return ascendant for Washington on March 14th, which is in no way a good thing; but more noteworthy and worrisome, transiting Mars will reach the solar return mid-heaven in the early morning hours of March 30th. Mars is more acute, less general and circumstantial than Saturn and is often painful, frightening and a radical type of difficulty. Those transits cannot be considered benign because they get power by virtue of angularity or aspect to an angle. Furthermore, transiting Pluto will oppose his natal Saturn exact to the second on March 31st, thus that opposition is exceedingly close throughout the whole of March. Transiting Pluto to natal Saturn exploits weaknesses and vulnerabilities in one’s person, arguments, positions and general circumstances. Since he has natal Saturn in Gemini, he may be called to account for his lies in a way that he cannot circumvent; there may be some problem with speech itself or the president may fall ill. Transiting Neptune will be quincunx the president’s natal Jupiter exact to the minute on March 10th. The natal Jupiter is the repository of one’s reputation and some recuperative and regenerative power. Transiting Neptune configured with natal Jupiter compromises those elements to some degree. With all four malefic planets poised to come into play within a narrow span of time, the stage is set for other transits to his natus and lunars during the same period to have a bigger affect than usual.

There is a slow escalation to the March situation that is in play now in the demi-anlunar return (see figure 3) of February 2nd. An anlunar is the lunar return of the solar return Moon—a demi-anlunar is the half way point in that 27.4 day cycle. It begins well enough with Jupiter rising and Uranus anti-culminating, but the ascendant is directed to Pluto on February 20th, the ascendant reaches Saturn the next day, Friday the 21st and transiting Mars arrives at the ascendant on Monday the 24th. If the president is in Washington on those days, he may suffer an unwelcome reaction and criticism of his latest moves, or some unwelcome political reality, which altogether may constitute some minor calamity in comparison to his high flying successes earlier in the month. These problems are unlikely to register with him while transiting Jupiter is closely square his natal Jupiter. But that lucky transit, which is not in the least compromised by the square, will be exact on February 24th; the strength of separating aspects is quickly dissipated after the exact contact.

The anlunar return of February 15 (see figure 4) also emphasizes February 21st and February 24th when the I.C. of that chart is directed to Pluto and Saturn in the fourth house. Since planets below the horizon don’t always produce a result apparent to the general public, we may not see the results of fourth house directions. Transiting Jupiter arrives at the I.C. of this anlunar on February 27th which will relieve his distress and provide a good day for him.

The lunar return of February 17th (see figure 5) looks auspicious (except that transiting Mars is trine his natal ascendant) with transiting Venus to the M.C. of this chart on February 20th (note that he has Venus in this chart and Pluto in an earlier one that both operate on the 20th) and transiting Venus opposite his natal Jupiter on February 23rd. Both Venus transits should bring pleasure and satisfaction, but transiting Mars will oppose his natal Mercury on March 1st. I would not pay a lot of attention to that, because of its speed, except for the other things in play at the same time, already described. He is likely to make a significant mistake or suffer some gaffe that day, which could make some independent voters wonder about his age if he were to be re-elected. On March 5th transiting Mars will be semi-square the president’s natal Mars. Accidents are common with that as well as injury. That is a more powerful transit than usual because Mars is angular in Mr. Trump’s natus equated to the coordinates of the White House. Thus transiting Mars will be semi-square his local Washington horizon early in the day on March 6th. The Washington locale is a dangerous place for the president because his Mars is angular there. The RAMC of his horoscope equated to Washington is 3h 15m 02s; his natal Mars rose when 3h 12m 07s was in the M.C. Thus, his Mars line passes less than fifty miles to the west of Washington. Worse, (because it is slower) transiting Saturn arrives at this lunar return descendant in mundo on March 8th and transiting Mars will square this lunar return M.C. also on March 8th. If he is in Washington for the weekend of March 7-8, he may experience a distinctly uncomfortable weekend. Saturn transits to angles generally play badly and often make the person who suffers them unpopular, as the cusp of the 7th represents not just the mate or one’s enemies, but, along with the Moon, the general public. It may also mean that the native is indisposed and unable to discharge his duties.

The demi-anlunar of March 1st (see figure six) features Neptune angular near the mid-heaven although Neptune doesn’t actually reach the M.C. during the course of this return. Still, angular Neptune is symbolic of weakness and sometimes scandal which prevails throughout March. Mars in this chart reaches the western horizon in mundo on March 3rd. One is forcefully opposed at such a time or suffers some kind of blow. Transiting Mars opposes the position of Mercury in the 2019 solar return on March 12th. One may struggle to articulate one’s ideas or they are found wanting at such a time. Transiting Mars opposes the solar return Mars on March 15th. This transit symbolizes struggle and strife to an uncommon degree and sometimes illness or injury. Everybody deals with transits like these on a daily basis, but they are rendered more powerful when they happen when transiting Saturn is simultaneously in the solar return M.C.

The demi-anlunar Pluto and Saturn set in mundo on March 18th and 24th respectively. That may suggest bad press, worrisome conditions and/or inability to execute policy. The only good elements in this chart are when the transiting Sun gets to the M.C. on March 10th and when Jupiter sets in mundo on March 13th. The former suggests success, being on display and possibly meetings with heads of state; it also symbolizes the presence of authorities like doctors; the latter suggests completing a task, gaining support, or at least sought after movement with respect to one’s goals. If this occurs in the midst of a fight, literal or figurative, it may merely point to winning a round. The good fortune could be turned around in an instant, however, due to the transit of Mars to the square of natal Jupiter on March 14th. The transit of Jupiter to the natal Mars is very good because it suggests winning against odds; but the reverse is quite damaging to one’s reputation and often literally very costly in terms of actual cash or support. This transit is compounded by the simultaneous transit—on the same day, March 14th—of Mars conjoined to the solar return Saturn. One often suffers a knockdown blow on such days or one’s progress comes to a sudden hard stop.

The demi-lunar return of March 3rd (see figure 7) has Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto hugging the mid-heaven. While Jupiter is protective it is not actually in the M.C. until March 21st, whereas the M.C. is directed to Pluto on March 5th in the early morning during the hours and the M.C. reaches Saturn on March 9th. This points to concerted opposition and some kind of defeat or failing made worse when Mars reaches the M.C. of this chart on March 20th. This week is made still worse by the transit of Mars opposite the natal Saturn on March 23rd. The only respite from trouble in this chart is when Venus reaches the ascendant in mundo on March 17th.

The lunar return of March 15th (see figure 8) looks innocuous enough with Uranus and Venus angular and in the foreground respectively, in the seventh house which points to unexpected visitors on the 17th and 29th if the president is in Washington on those dates. It doesn’t help to have the natal Pluto in the M.C., which indicates a desperate response to the events around him. Transiting Mars reaches the nadir of this chart on April 3rd and the I.C. on April 11th, which may bring pain and difficulty that is out of the ordinary.

The quarter solar return (see figure 9), whose jurisdiction is the last quarter of the birthday-to-birthday year, begins on March 13th. Like the lunar return of the 15th, it has Venus and Uranus in the seventh house. Probably many people pull for him to do well or better during this period. After the angles one should always turn next to the lights. This situation points to some kind of crisis because Pluto is sextile both the Sun and the Moon in this chart. The transits quickly spell more trouble in this one because of an assault in other charts during the same period, especially transiting Saturn to the solar return M.C.; transiting Saturn reaches the nadir of this quarter solar on March 22nd, transiting Mars reaches this quarti-SSR nadir on March 30th, transiting Mars reaches the I.C. on April 6th and transiting Neptune will be exactly semi-square the I.C. and sesquiquadrate the M.C. on April 25th. The combined effect is like being in a confined space that is shrinking in volume. All of this looks like the president is cornered, compromised or indisposed in total opposition to his free-wheeling and unlimited behavior since his impeachment acquittal.

© Kenneth Bowser, 2020, all rights reserved.