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The Western Sidereal Interpretation Workbook

Now Available!


In An Introduction to Western Sidereal Astrology, Kenneth Bowser presented the basics of western sidereal astrology—the history and rationale, the stars, planets, signs, aspects and planet combinations. In The Western Sidereal Astrology Interpretation Workbook, he shows you how to apply this knowledge to the art of chart interpretation. In this step-by-step workbook, Ken will guide you through the interpretation of 25 horoscopes.


In Section One, you will find 25 charts with no names or data. Each chart is accompanied by nine questions/prompts that will help you to identify the dominant themes in each horoscope. After you've answered the questions and written your interpretation, you'll turn to the corresponding chart in Section Two. There you will find the chart with the name and data and Ken's interpretation. These detailed interpretations run between two thousand and five thousand words each. The Workbook includes a page to note what you've learned and what you may have missed in your own interpretation. In this way, you will hone your skills and expand your ability to correctly read astrological symbolism.

A well-known astrologer with over 50 years of experience in chart interpretation, Ken will show you how to synthesize the many factors in each horoscope. Two hours of private tutoring are included. Ken will critique your interpretation of the final chart, or personally guide you through your interpretation.​

You Will Also Learn

  • How to incorporate in-mundo aspects into your interpretations. In-mundo aspects, one of the most sophisticated tools in an astrologer’s toolbox, will allow you to see the hidden aspects that are missed when you look at a chart in only one dimension.


  • How to read a speculum. Derived from the Latin verb specere, “to look at or behold,” a speculum will allow you to see the positions of planets in two dimensions.​

  • How to incorporate stars into your interpretation

  • How to use a wide range of aspects for a thorough evaluation of each horoscope


  • ​The importance of elevation and angularity in the horoscope


  • How to incorporate the nodes of the Moon into your interpretations


  • How to use the Janus program for accurate astrological interpretations


Course Fee

The Workbook is $300. The Course may be

studied at the student's own pace.


Format: 8.5 x 11 write-in Workbook,

426 pages

Course Materials

Students will receive a certificate of completion after finishing the Course

What People Are Saying

"A wonderful format for learning from a superb astrologer."

—Mary Plumb, The Mountain Astrologer

"The Workbook is a spacious tool with succinct guidance notes and beautifully laid out charts.....a fascinating and accessible adventure in astrology."

—Victor Olliver, The Astrological Journal

"For those with a serious interest in learning Western sidereal astrology, I have to endorse this as the best possible resource. It’s an opportunity to learn with a true master of the system."

—Armand Diaz, The NCGR Memberletter

"Kenneth Bowser is a 50-year master of the history and art of astrology and a leading western

sidereal expert...Regardless of which zodiac one uses, his books and the course are something

any serious student may want to add to their list for future study."

—Sara Diamond, The Career Astrologer


Student Reviews

I’ve been a student of astrology for approximately twenty years, having originally studied tropical with two schools. After reading Ken’s online articles and then his book, An Introduction to Western Sidereal Astrology, I made the switch. I was very hopeful when Ken announced the release of The Western Sidereal Astrology Interpretation Workbook and I have not been disappointed. It fit in perfectly with my busy life, as I could pick up and leave off to suit my pace. The content was second to none—precise, clear, thorough, and a genuine pleasure to read. Twenty-five charts felt like an appropriate amount to come to grips with the various techniques covered. Ken’s feedback and commentary was thoughtful and generously given. He is the leading western siderealist of our time, immensely knowledgable and respectfully drawing upon those who came before. I’m ever so grateful to have the opportunity to learn from a master. I highly recommend Ken’s Workbook to any serious astrologer, tropical or sidereal-leaning, who wishes to expand their technique, bringing chart analysis to life with a more 3D approach. 

Katy Strong, Liverpool, England


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