The Western Sidereal Astrology Interpretation Workbook by Kenneth Bowser, Sidus Press, 2020. Large Format (8.5 x 11) Softcover, 426 pages, $300.


Kenneth Bowser has practiced sidereal astrology for more than 50 years. This book, which is essentially a guided course, begins with the author’s masterful explanation of the components (summarized in the excellent Rules of Interpretation and Glossary of Terms), which include the added dimension of aspects for the equatorial system, that is, mundane (or in mundo aspects, also known as parans); fixed stars; and the more familiar aspects used in the ecliptic system. Mundane aspects are tied to the Earth’s rotation on its axis and are measured using Right Ascension and Declination. Coordinates along the ecliptic are measured in celestial latitude and celestial longitude and are derived from the Earth’s revolution around the Sun. Bowser gives ample evidence to support the statement, “If you ignore the equator for the ecliptic, you ignore half the horoscope.” This work can be studied by both tropical or sidereal astrologers, since the same rules of interpretation apply.

After the introductory material, the Workbook begins. In Part One, there are 25 unnamed horoscopes with questions and prompts to guide the reader to interpret the chart (and lots of space to write). In Part Two, Bowser names the individuals and gives meticulous analyses of each chart. His interpretation are extensive—two to five thousand words each. When the reader/student, going at his or her own pace, completes Chart #25, Bowser will critique the work and give a two-hour tutoring session. This is a wonderful format for learning from a superb astrologer. If Ken Bowser’s work is new to you, go to the website to read an extensive interview (originally published in TMA in 2004) to appreciate the depth of his astrological knowledge.


—Reviewed by Mary Plumb