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The 2022 Midterm Elections

November 2022

The midterm election of November 8th falls on the day of a total lunar eclipse, visible at Washington. The eclipse will be at its maximum at 6:11:19 am EST, when the Sun and Moon will be opposite, exact to the second, in right ascension. The defining parameter with eclipses is right ascension, not longitude. Discerning astrologers will note that the opposition in longitude is not exact. It’s not a mistake. See chart #1. (Please note that sidereal reckoning is used throughout this note.)

The salient feature of this eclipse is that it picks up the Saturn-Uranus square, in particular Uranus because the planet is closely conjoined to the Moon and opposite the Sun. The conjunction and opposition are the strongest of all planet combinations, which suggests because of the nature of Uranus, that the result of the election will be surprising, unexpected and set tongues wagging. One may reasonably expect that the position of Uranus symbolizes setbacks to the Democrats, especially as the party in power usually loses representation in midterm elections and the affect of mis-direction and dis-information in right wing media has become a vicious, toxic cacophony that has induced people living on the ragged edge of sanity to resort to violence.

Yet it is hard to imagine that many women will vote for Republicans who want to place a conservative politician in the same room with them and their doctor during a pelvic examination. Furthermore, the Republican candidates are so uniformly and transparently compromised with respect to honesty, credibility, talent and in some cases ability to discharge the responsibilities of the office due to age, that it’s equally hard to imagine how people could, in large numbers, look past those things as well as the manifest character failings and election-denier disloyalty of Republican candidates.

Conservatives, of course, will object to this characterization, which requires a deeper look into the matter. Such a look may be gleaned by examination of the horoscope for the founding of the Republican Party on March 20, 1854 at Ripon, Wisconsin, time unknown. See chart #2 set up for noon LMT.

The transits look good at first glance, because transiting Jupiter is only 3° beyond the Republican Sun, but retrograding away from it. Transiting Saturn is semi-square the republican Sun 1° 38' beyond exact, but since we don’t know the accurate position of the Republican Party Sun, that value can only be considered approximate. In any case, the presence of Saturn must reduce the benefit that would otherwise accrue to Jupiter near the radix Sun. The Republican natal Jupiter, symbolic of expansion, is not so lucky: transiting Mars on election day will be quincunx that Jupiter less than a quarter of a degree from exact at sunrise on election day. Transiting Jupiter to the radix Mars is usually a very good thing; the reverse is not. Transiting Mars to the radix Jupiter is expensive and frequently symbolizes that one’s reputation has been be-smirched. Transiting Pluto at the time of the eclipse will be conjoined to the Republican Party Jupiter as well, only 1° 02' beyond exact. Transiting Jupiter to natal Pluto is usually a profitable contact, but the reverse, without the presence of transiting Jupiter, is described by most merchants and business people, in my experience, to be among their worst years. People don’t buy what they’re selling.

Transiting Eris, which I don’t regularly use, but which I regularly observe, is also closely square the Republican Party Jupiter, separating 1° 03' beyond exact at the moment of the eclipse. If Eris is indeed as nasty as some people think it is, its proximity to the square to the Republican Jupiter can’t be a good thing at the time of an election.

Finally, another test of a body I haven’t incorporated yet into my interpretations, but which I assiduously observe, is worth noting. Transiting Sedna on election day is at 4° Taurus 26' Rx closely conjoined to the Republican Party Saturn at 4° Taurus 43'. Sedna, I believe, is another problem child that is unlikely to benefit the Republicans. It could even symbolize that the Republicans have their heads handed to them on a platter for putting up inferior candidates who want to take people’s rights away from them and rescind our democracy. There is no middle ground between democracy and autocracy. The reason that Republicans almost always lose popular votes is because most people don’t like them and their policies. Their success is due almost completely to the ringer they have in the Electoral College, which was originally built around giving slaveholders political leverage and is now a gerrymandering tool to allow minority rule.

The transits to the Founding of the Democratic Party, January 8, 1828 at Washington D.C., which was largely the handiwork of Martin van Buren, the eighth U.S. president elected eight years later, is more favorable, although far from perfect. It is set up here for noon LMT. See chart #3. The three most important transits to this chart on election day are, 1) transiting Venus sextile the Democratic Party Sun which is only 2' from exact, if noon is close to the radix time. That is always welcome and a good augury of success. 2) Transiting Jupiter will be separating from the sextile to the Democratic Uranus 1° 09' as voting begins on the morning of November 8th. That is one of the luckiest of transits and suggests pulling rabbits out of hats to the delight and surprise of people unsure of what is coming next. 3) The Democratic Party chart has Venus in 17° Capricorn 49' (for the noon chart) square Jupiter at 18° Libra 13'. This is not a worrisome thing. Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, the cultivated and charming wife of William, Prince of Wales, has Venus square Jupiter. How bad could it be? She will someday be Queen Consort of England. At the time of the eclipse, the North node of the Moon will be at 17° Libra 58' Rx conjoined, not just to the eclipse Moon, but also the Democratic Jupiter, already mentioned at 18° Libra 13' and the South node will conjoin the eclipse Sun. Both will also square the Democratic Venus. Just as a natal planet is strongly emphasized when it is conjoined to one of the Moon’s nodes, for good or ill, the effect is the same by transit. If the rough charts for the founding of our two currently active political parties can be taken as a guide, the Democrats will come out of this mid-term election having scored upsets. 

That it will create an enormous commotion is guaranteed by the eclipsed lights falling across the Democratic Party Mars in 20° Libra with Mercury thrown in as well. That points to enthusiasm, renewed energy and a ground-swell of support—in other words, a big turn-out—always good for Democrats. Things would be different if the eclipse configured transiting Mars. Another sign of good turnout is transiting Uranus opposite the Democratic Party Mars less than 2° from exact. Transiting Uranus to natal Mars stirs people to action, whereas transiting Mars to natal Uranus more often suggests accident or an attack. As a contact the former is distinctly direct, daring and forceful. From that one can easily imagine calling out so-called election-watchers to step out of the shadows with their guns, masks and camouflage fatigues.

The Ku Klux Klan used to show up at elections in the South in full costume, not too many decades ago, to be seen. Their purpose was the same as the contemporary goons: to intimidate voters. Many people are becoming so accustomed to what the adherents of the right tacitly but obviously support, that it needs to be emphasized that they are trying to foist a Ku Klux Klan type hustle on everybody. They shout that liberals hate America, but that is a desperate and ridiculous tactic on its face that betrays their reactionary positions as utterly vapid. It’s worth remembering that the conservatives were with England in 1776 and slaveholders in 1861, as well as the Roger Tanney led Supreme Court. Despite the best efforts of the Republicans, the country is not a fascist state run by thugs, liars and the easily manipulated.

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