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Will Boris Recover?

April 2020

Prince Charles and Boris Johnson have Moons that are almost exactly opposed. The Prince’s Moon is in a royal sign at 6° Aries 24’ and Johnson’s Moon is at 6° Libra 21’. They both showed symptoms of COVID-19 in March 2020 with very similar lunar returns. All positions in this note are with respect to sidereal reckoning.

The Prime Minister is presently (April 7th) in the Intensive Care Unit of a London hospital receiving oxygen. His current lunar return that began on March 12th (see figure 1) has lunar return Mars angular on the western horizon. Mars appears to be 1½° above the horizon, but because Mars has south declination, it is actually closer than that. Mars set only four minutes after this chart became operational, which underscores both its strength and imminent trouble. Lunar return Saturn is less than a third of a degree from exact applying to the semi-square to the mid-heaven, which confounds his ability to effectively fight against this assault on his person, and magnifies the gravity of the overall situation. Lunar return Neptune is angular at the mid-heaven with the Sun, which together with Mars suggest infection and the Sun with Neptune high in the 10th house makes everybody aware of his plight. Johnson’s natal Mars is semi-square the ascendant applying 1° 39’ from exact, which suggests his body marshalling its defenses in response to the attack from transiting Mars; natal Pluto is less than 2° from the I.C., which points to crisis; Johnson’s natal Neptune is trine the ascendant less than ½° from exact, which suggests that he is mostly helpless to address the matter and dependent on others for aid. Thus three transiting malefics and three natal malefics are brought to bear in this chart; a most unusual condition, but the most important element of all is that transiting Saturn is closely square Johnson’s natal Moon.

Most people experience lunar returns with an angular Mars and don’t become sick to death, nor are they badly injured, although they would experience some element of noteworthy discord, stress, exhaustion, minor injury, business controversy, legal struggle or catch a cold. The level of difficulty depends mostly on other elements simultaneously in play. In the cases of the Prince and the Prime Minister, they both have transiting Saturn square their natal Moons throughout the late winter and the spring. The Moon, and to some degree the ascendant, relate to the body. The Sun represents the spirit, or life force, that animates the body. When the Moon gets involved with the classical malefics, Mars and Saturn, one can usually feel it physically. Thus a lunar return that presents angular Mars while Saturn is square the natal Moon is symbolic of chronic stress rendered into something acute. When all the malefics come into play at once, especially angular in a solar or lunar return, one’s life is endangered.

Yet all of that will be turned around by Johnson’s lunar return (see figure 2) that begins on April 8th. It has Venus dignified in her own sign angular on the western horizon with all the malefics below the earth with only one of them near and angle (Neptune) but separating from it. Johnson’s demi-lunar return that begins April 22nd (see figure 3) again has Venus in the foreground of the 7th house and this time all the malefics are again below the horizon but none of them are angular. The Venus in his lunars is symbolic of the extreme nursing and medical care that he will be receiving and his favorable response to it. The only serious additional problem in the near term is that both the natal Moon and Johnson’s solar return Moon will be hit around the same time. Transiting Mars will conjoin his solar return Moon (in its detriment) on April 13th and transiting Saturn will square his natal Moon on April 15th. He could suffer a relapse then. April 18th is also a difficult day due to Mars in the M.C. then of Johnson’s quarter solar return.

In the case of the Prince of Wales, his lunar return of February 28th set up for London has only one planet, Mars, in the foreground high in the 7th house. The descendant was directed to that Mars in right ascension on March 24th shortly after midnight GMT, which means that it could be felt during the evening of March 23rd. But the Prince’s demi-lunar that began on March 12th (see figure 4) had Mars dead angular on the western horizon. It is almost a carbon copy of Johnson’s lunar return for the same date. The Prince probably contracted the COVID-19 virus on or about this date and displayed symptoms about ten days later. His symptoms were less severe than the Prime Minister’s. Significantly the Prince removed to Scotland to convalesce where his demi-lunar Jupiter was almost exactly on the western horizon at the latitude of Aberdeen, Mars was less angular and the Aberdeen mid-heaven of this chart made the semi-square from Saturn a separating aspect. All of that is far more conducive to a fast recovery than remaining in London where Johnson’s symbolism remained in place unrelieved by a change of venue.

The Prince of Wales’s demi-lunar return of April 8th (see figure 5) set up for Aberdeen has the lunar return Venus in the foreground in the 7th house, almost the exact twin of Johnson’s lunar return; and the demi-lunar return Jupiter at Aberdeen is sextile the ascendant there. The Prince of Wales is recovering quickly. His lunar return of April 22nd (see figure 6) also has Venus again in the foreground of the 7th house, just like Johnson’s demi-lunar for the same date, with natal Venus semi-square the ascendant of this horoscope. He will fully recover although possibly slightly temporarily weakened from the experience because transiting Saturn will still be square his natal Moon.

© Kenneth Bowser, 2020, all rights reserved.

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