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President Biden’s 2021-2022 Solar Return

November 2021

President Biden’s sidereal solar return for age 79 begins at 1:43:21 p.m. EST on November 20, 2021 at Washington D.C. (Figure 1). It is mostly a difficult chart because Neptune is angular just below the ascendant where it will remain for the entire birthday-to-birthday year. It means that he is mostly contained, cornered and essentially a captive of circumstance. That is no surprise considering that he doesn’t have a majority in the Senate that can overcome the slightest opposition to the legislation he is trying to advance.

Neptune angular doesn’t invariably operate badly but it requires extenuating circumstances to work out well. When one sees that the solar return Moon, although dignified in Taurus, conjoins natal Saturn and solar Mars conjoins natal Mars, with solar Uranus opposite both Mars placements, one is hard pressed to put a better face on angular Neptune, because Moon-Saturn and Mars-Mars are frequently deleterious. Worse, solar Saturn is opposite natal Pluto almost exact to the minute. At least, it’s not angular but such an aspect suggests some kind of crisis, certainly not smooth sailing. Transiting Pluto exactly opposite natal Jupiter three times during the course of the president’s 79th year makes it difficult for him to project power and direct events. Transiting Jupiter opposite natal Pluto is much better.

The upside factors are that solar Jupiter is sextile the solar return midheaven by less than a quarter of a degree and the midheaven holds Ras Alhague, the alpha star in Ophiuchus, widely associated with things medical. Ras Alhague is only 43 seconds of right ascension from the M.C. Jupiter and the star suggest a good response to treatment. In addition solar Venus in Sagittary is quincunx the solar Moon less than ½° from exact. One generally gets hoped-for results when the Moon configures Venus in any combination, although the Moon handles squares and oppositions less well than other bodies.

The year is not a total wash because transiting Jupiter makes several transits to important places in this chart, but its effects are generally unremarkable while Jupiter is fast and far more powerful when he is slow. Next month has three auspicious factors that are likely to facilitate movement of the president’s political agenda. First, transiting Venus stations at 1° Capricorn on December 19th directly opposite his natal Jupiter at 1° Cancer. Second, transiting Jupiter will square his natal Sun on December 21st and then square his natal Venus on December 27th. Those three together may well equate to his joy and relief at passing some version of the infrastructure bill that has been stalled for months, unless Congress can’t be bothered to handle the people’s business so close to Christmas.

Jupiter, moving quickly now, will come to the sextile to his natal Moon on January 8th and to the square of his solar return Moon on February 28th. All transits of Jupiter are welcome, especially to the Moon as it relates to one’s person, whereas the Sun is the life force that animates, illuminates and motivates the life.

Transiting Jupiter comes to the ascendant of the solar return on March 17th in mundo and on March 24th in zodiaco. Those days, especially the 17th, are likely to be excellent, although within the limited context of Neptune sitting in the solar return ascendant.

The period of most significant difficulty, in particular with regard to legislation, will almost surely become acute in the spring when transiting Saturn squares his natal Mercury on April 6th, his solar return Mercury on April 23rd and during the period between the conjunctions of transiting Saturn with his solar return Jupiter on April 28th and July 12th. Transiting Saturn sitting on his solar return Jupiter and simultaneously quincunx natal Jupiter, while Neptune is angular, suggest being stymied.

He could make headway later in July as Jupiter sits down in its station less than ½° from the trine to his natal Pluto, but that progress will be short-lived because transiting Saturn comes back in late July/early August to square natal Mercury and solar Mercury again. That suggests that his efforts are to no avail. Worse, in October transiting Saturn in its station (23° Virgo 32') will trine the Declaration of Independence Saturn (23° Virgo 11'), which, in this case, may well be symbolic of being pulled down by fate, when one is not really at fault, at an inopportune moment. At the same time stationary Saturn, where it will be most powerful, will be less than one degree from the exact sesquiquadrate to the President’s natal Neptune, which is like being caught in a trap unable to do much to affect events. It is a perfect storm for Republicans whose “rule or ruin” strategy was implemented from the moment that President Biden was inaugurated.

That inauguration chart (Figure 2) has been a two edged sword from the beginning because Pluto has been in and out of exact contacts with the mid-heaven, but always angular, from the start. It will station in right ascension on October 8, 2022, 1m 09s from the M.C. of Mr. Biden’s Inauguration chart, which is slightly more than a quarter of a degree. It is a largely unfortunate chart, not only due to Pluto’s angularity but the fact that Saturn conjoins the Sun and squares the Moon. The president and his administration as well as people at large suffer during his tenure in office while the fat cats, just as during the Trump years, prosper. Inauguration Jupiter closely square Mars conjoined to Uranus symbolizes that those who hold the whip hand come out on top, while the president and everyday people take it on the chin. In other words, big business doesn’t really suffer, while everybody else is scrambling.

Most of the small holders and businesses will suffer during 2022, probably due to fast inflation. One can see this from the transit of Pluto opposite the Declaration of Independence Mercury throughout 2022. In a mundane chart Mercury mainly symbolizes commerce, but also education, diplomacy transportation and technology. Inflation is also shown in the chart of the Fed (*Federal Reserve Act signed into law 12/23/1913 at 6:02 p.m. EST at the White house). Transiting Neptune throughout 2022 will be closely trine the Mars and sextile the Jupiter of the Fed’s Jupiter-Mars opposition, which is the kind of soft seduction that weakens the currency.

A difficult period for the president will be ratcheted up into a radically bigger issue in October and November 2022 when the U.S. gets a double primary direction to the Sun and Neptune for the Hazelrigg time plus one minute (12:16 p.m. LMT July 4, 1776) for the U.S. Primary directions drag their natal planet associations into play when they become operational. The U.S. has Sun square Saturn in zodiaco (1° 40' from exact) and Sun mundane square Neptune (0m 24s from exact) Twenty-four seconds of sidereal time is one tenth of a degree. At this point big business will suffer.

*Time for the signing of the Federal Reserve Act by President Wilson found by Bill Meridian, who noted that it was broadcast over the radio.

© Kenneth Bowser, 2021. All rights reserved.

astrology chart for Joe Biden
astrology chart for Joe Biden


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