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 Why Obama Won in 2012

November 2012

President Obama’s 2012 sidereal solar return is extremely impressive. His solar return Venus is conjoined to his natal Venus with both of them barely above the solar return ascendant set up for the coordinates of the White House. Thus both natal and solar return lesser benefics are angular in the master chart for the year that began on August 4, 2012. The president’s quarter solar return that began on November 5, 2012 also set up for the White House, is even more impressive due to the prominence of the greater benefic. In his sidereal quarter solar return transiting Jupiter is in the tenth house less than a degree from the mid-heaven of that chart. Natal Jupiter is in the fifth house of the quarti-SSR less than a half degree from the semi-square to the descendant and therefore equally close to the sesquiquadrate to the ascendant of the quarti-SSR. Thus both the horizon and the merdian of the quarter solar are draped in Jupiter which is typically the sign of a winner. Moreover if the mid-heaven of this chart is directed to the quarter solar Jupiter at the rate of the right ascension of the apparent sun, Jupiter becomes angular on November 6th which times the win.

Romney had nothing remotely as good on election day.  Obama's symbolism carried the day.

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