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Crisis Solar Returns for the U.S.

March 2020

Aside from the American Revolution itself (1775 - 1783), the most desperate period in the history of the U.S. to date was the American Civil War (1861 - 1865). Modern estimates of the U.S. losses during the War of Independence range from 25,000 to 70,000, with the majority of those deaths due to disease and inadequate medical care. Total British losses during the American Revolution were 43,633. Modern estimates of combined North and South losses during the American Civil War exceed 800,000.

The sidereal solar return for 1860 clearly symbolizes fighting and losses due to solar Mars at the midheaven conjoined to natal Pluto. Just as bad, the solar return Moon was in her detriment, Capricorn, a locus usually characterized by difficulty, often poverty and distress. Worse, this solar Moon was trine natal Mars (i.e. Dec. of Ind. Mars) three degrees from exact which underscores violence and injury; furthermore the solar return Moon was also in a three degree trine with the Dec. of Ind. Saturn, symbolic of anxiety and loss ( a grand trine of malefics and a debilitated Moon); and yet still worse, solar return Saturn was closely opposite the natal Moon, symbolic of suffering as the flower of an entire generation tore itself apart. Solar Pluto near the ascendant is symbolic of crisis. The fighting began in April 1861 which is why the solar return for 1860 is displayed.

The sidereal solar return that begins this coming summer is eerily similar with almost exactly the same angles as 1860 with malefics to the fore, this time with Saturn conjoined to the U.S. Pluto and the Moon again in her detriment, but now in the exaltation degree of Mars (28° Capricorn) and trine the Declaration of Independence Mars (29° Taurus).

These returns do not occur on July 4th due to the effect of precession. If one remains in an astronomically correct mode, civil dates change as the same place in the sky is reached centuries later. Tropical reckoning does not accurately keep pace with the heavens, which is why a tropical return would look different than these. It is plain upon inspection that the position of the Sun in these solar returns corresponds to the position of the Sun on July 4, 1776 at 12:16 p.m. LMT (which is 12:12:01 p.m. LAT - local mean time did not exist as a civil standard anywhere in 1776) at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. That is the time and date that makes primary directions for the U.S. work on time. It's also nearly the time used by the American astrologer John Hazelrigg (1860 - 1941). See my, Primary Directions and the Horoscope of the United States.

The 2020 solar return for the U.S. strongly suggests that the fortunes of the country will be in much more serious condition than the president has predicted to date. Transiting Jupiter reaches the midheaven of the 2020 solar return by Thanksgiving but it goes racing by. Even then, transiting Mars will be opposite the U.S. Saturn which is like taking yet another knockdown blow. There may be a respite during the August-September and early October period when Jupiter backs into a square with the U.S. Saturn and opposes the U.S. Sun, but it won’t last. Transiting Jupiter to the natal Saturn addresses trouble and is undeniably helpful. Jupiter opposite the Sun may look like the situation is in hand or at least like we have turned the corner, but Mars will probably waylay these efforts that will be designed, in any case, to help the president win the election. Worse, transiting Saturn will take up residence in the mid-heaven of this solar return (O° Capricorn 26’) throughout September and October. Saturn’s station at O° Capricorn 18’ is on September 29th. Transiting Mars opposes the U.S. Saturn on July 31st, October 23rd and December 5th. Transiting Mars will be square this 2020 solar return midheaven on December 27, 2020. I think as a practical matter 2020 will be a write-off characterized by contraction, difficulty and dismay. We will have to be like the proverbial phoenix in 2021. Astrologers are often accused of being doom-sayers. Obviously, most of the time they are wrong. This year it looks like they are right.

© Kenneth Bowser, 2020, all rights reserved.

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