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Donald Trump's 2022-2023 Solunars

June 2022

The angles of a horoscope, the cusps of houses 1, 4, 7 and 10, are the most important and powerful venues in any chart, whether a natal chart or a cyclic chart like a solar or lunar return. This old maxim is brought home by Donald Trump’s public castigation and humiliation via the current hearings underway in Congress and broadcast to the entire nation. The lunar return (figure 1) which began on May 17th and ended on his birthday, June 14th, featured his natal Mars dead angular in the midheaven opposite transiting Saturn angular in the I.C. and its retrograde station on June 4th. Accordingly, his attempt to overturn a free and fair election was fully and completely exposed to the light of day, which only members of his cult can ignore or dismiss. The hearings are not over, but they began during this lunar return. Generally, people escape this kind of disaster, when Saturn is opposite their Mars, unless the opposition falls angular in a solar or lunar return.

Mr. Trump’s sidereal solar return, which began on June 14th (figure 2) finds him still in the hot seat due to Pluto opposite his Saturn, Pluto inconjunct his Mars, Saturn opposite his Mars and Neptune square both natal lights, but it is less acute than the lunar return because no solar return planets are angular in it. Transiting Pluto is six and a quarter-degrees below the horizon in ecliptic reckoning and even farther away from the ascendant in mundo because it currently has more than two degrees of south celestial latitude and more than 22 degrees of south declination, so it can’t rise with its ecliptic degree. The limit of angularity is five degrees on either side of a cusp.

Significantly, in September transiting Pluto comes to within the five-degree limit, and consistent with its stronger influence, his quarter solar return (figure 3) is much more troublesome than the solar return itself. For some reason Solar Fire designates quarter solar and lunar charts as the 4th harmonic, which is extremely misleading. Quarter and demi-solar charts are not harmonics but just the quarters and half-way point of the birthday-to-birthday year. Transiting Saturn in the quarter solar is angular just below the ascendant, which is like being in court charged with a serious crime before a prosecutor armed with damning evidence. Transiting Neptune is closely square both lights, which is in effect caught, trapped and vulnerable. This illustrates one of the problems associated with full Moon births: one gets higher highs and lower lows because the two most important bodies in a horoscope get the same transit at the same time. It is also very noteworthy that the quarter solar Moon is conjoined to Mars. The Moon and the ascendant relate very much to one’s person, especially the Moon. The Sun is the life force that invests the Moon with energy and consciousness, but the physical vehicle itself is lunar; therefore Moon-Mars contacts are deleterious if there are attendant afflictions, as in this case. Without such things, Moon-Mars combinations are sources of boundless energy, sexuality, resolve and aggressiveness. It is dangerous to have both the natal Moon, here square Neptune and the solar return Moon, here conjoined to Mars, simultaneously configured with malefics. It means he is stressed to the utmost degree and at severe disadvantage.

The demi-solar return of December 15, 2022 is less extreme and not shown here; but the last quarter of the birthday-to-birthday year, which begins March 14, 2023. It is a difficult chart (figure 4) because Neptune again is square both lights as well as the quarter solar Moon, which just happens to conjoin the natal Moon. The quarter solar Mars is conjoined to the natal Sun and opposite the natal Moon, as well as the quarter solar Moon and square Neptune. Altogether, these combinations point to ill health and possibly even incarceration. If it comes to that, it will bring to an end one of the longest and largest cons ever perpetrated in the world of business and politics.

© Kenneth Bowser, 2022. All rights reserved.

Figure 1

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Figure 2


Figure 3


Figure 4



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