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The natal horoscope or chart is a map of the sky at the time and place or your birth. It is unique to you and provides you with information about your basic character traits and potentials. The natal horoscope addresses issues that relate to health, family life, romance, children, education, career and finances. Natal readings are very thorough and include a look at the year ahead, utilizing your current solar return and the predictive tools of transits, progressions and primary directions. 

​Information Needed

I need the following information to interpret your horoscope:

Your Birth Date

The month, day and year.


​Your Time

The exact time you were born and the time zone in effect where the birth occurred. Do not correct the time to Greenwich   Mean Time from another time zone (unless you were born in England, Scotland, Wales or Ireland).  Do not put British Summer Time, Central European Summer Time, or any of the U.S. daylight saving times into standard time. I need the clock time for the location of your birth.


Your Place of Birth

Your city, state and country.

Your Current Location ​

Solar returns are place-specific. They should be set up for where you are. If you travel consistently between New York and Los Angeles, for example, solar returns are necessary for both locations to properly evaluate the year ahead.​

Cost, Payment​ and Scheduling

The cost of a natal reading is $500.00. Readings run 3 hours and include a laminated chart. Readings are given in person, by Zoom, or telephone. The readings are recorded and sent to you via e-mail in MP3/MP4 format.

To schedule your consultation, please use the form on the contact page.

Payment is made by check or through PayPal by using the “buy now” button below. 
Checks can be sent to this address:

Kenneth Bowser
1130 Jefferson Street, NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413​
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