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Sidus Press, November 2015

Primary Directions and the Horoscope

of the United States

This book reveals a time for the U.S. chart that has passed every rigorous test applied against it to date—and it may be based on an eye-witness account. Primary directions, one of the most accurate timing tools in astrology, were used by ancient and medieval astrologers. Using this technique, Kenneth Bowser has found the primary direction pattern that corresponds to the historical events of our country--the Civil War, the Louisiana Purchase, women's suffrage, the 1929 stock market crash, our victory in WWII, the Civil Rights Movement and more. The book also includes a detailed look at the merits and deficiencies of both the Sibly and Herndon charts, the two most popular charts for the United States. The appendix includes instructions on how to do primary directions. Primary directions are the same in both zodiacs and both tropical and sidereal charts are included.

Praise for
Primary Directions and the Horoscope
of the United States

This book makes an excellent case for a Declaration of Independence chart that is not well-known in the astrological community. The author builds a case for the validity of the Hazelrigg chart beginning with statements from 19th century publications and valid criticisms of both the Sibly and Herndon USA charts. But most impressive is the author’s use of primary directions to demonstrate astonishing correlations between events and the directed bodily angularities of the planets over the history of the USA and beyond in this chart. There are two good reasons to own this book. First, it offers an alternative chart for the USA and second, it discusses primary directions, long neglected, in some detail.

                         —Bruce Scofield, Ph.D.

This book compares several proposed birth times for the U.S.A. and explains the inner workings of our nation’s chart and its relationship to unfolding events. Combining precise astro analysis and astute recounting of relevant historical events, Ken Bowser makes a convincing case for a U.S. birth chart that will stand the tests of time. His work will appeal to discerning astrologers interested in detailed interpretation of events combining transits, solar returns, progressions and primary directions.

  —Greg Bogart, Ph.D.

An admirable contribution to finding the chart of the United States, and interpreting the Hazelrigg chart with numerous primary directions for many of the most important events in our national history.

 —Benjamin Dykes, Ph.D.


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