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The solar and lunar return reading is for people who want a detailed and comprehensive look at the year ahead. This service consists of six, two hour, bi-monthly sessions. Each session includes an in-depth look at the relevant solar and lunar return charts for each two-month period. Progressions, transits, and primary directions are included. 


This service can help you to better navigate the challenges and opportunities of the coming year. It's especially good for business people or anyone who has important decisions to make. 

Information Needed
I need the following information for your solar and lunar return charts:

Your Birth Date
The month, day and year.

Your Time

The exact time you were born and the time zone in effect where the birth occurred. Do not correct the time to Greenwich Mean Time from another time zone (unless you were born in England, Scotland, Wales or Ireland). Do not put British Summer Time, Central European Summer Time, or any of the U.S. daylight saving times into standard time.  I need the clock time for the location of your birth.

Your Place of Birth
Your city, state and country.

Your Current Location

Returns are place-specific. They should be set up for where you are. If you travel consistently between New York and Los Angeles, for example, returns are necessary for both locations to properly evaluate the year ahead.​

Cost, Payment​ and Scheduling

Please e-mail me for more information about this service.


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