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Mentoring Group


This two-hour group is for both sidereal and tropical astrologers who want hands-on instruction from Ken. This monthly group is designed to help you to develop accurate, high-quality, in-depth interpretation skills using a variety of aspects and advanced techniques.


Bring your client charts or the charts of your friends and family. You'll get personal instruction as you continue to fine tune your skills and expand your ability to read astrological symbolism. Each Zoom session will be recorded and sent to you after the meeting.

Monthly meetings on Saturdays, 1:00-3:00pm CST

First group meets on May 11, 2024. Space is limited

Recommended: Janus Software or Solar Fire 10 (out in 2024)         


Student Discount


(Save $200)


The History of the Zodiac

The zodiac and the first ephemerides were developed in Mesopotamia over a period of many centuries, from the second millennium B.C. to the first century A.D. These discoveries are hailed by historians of science as two of the greatest technical achievements of Antiquity.


This lecture shows how the Babylonians, through many centuries of observation and record keeping, developed the zodiac. It also shows how the discovery of ancient astronomical and astrological tablets in modern day Iraq led to a new branch of astrology—western sidereal astrology—which, in its earliest rendering, is actually the oldest. This presentation is a valuable resource for astrological scholars and all serious students of astrology, both tropical and sidereal. An earlier version of this lecture was presented to the Princeton Astrological Society in May 2022.

Format: MP4 video slide presentation. 45 minutes. Your recording will be sent by e-mail within 24 hours.

Cost: $30.00

Student Discount: $24.00


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