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An Introduction to
Western Sidereal Astrology
Western sidereal astrology is based on the Babylonian sidereal zodiac, the original zodiac. In this easy to read book, Kenneth Bowser shows the western astrologer how to use the sidereal zodiac for accurate astrological interpretations. Both professional astrologers and students will appreciate the clear and helpful delineation of the planets, signs, houses and aspects as they appear in the sidereal chart. The third edition offers an expanded look at the forty-five planet combinations—a valuable resource for both sidereal and tropical astrologers. Each combination is illustrated with examples that serve as a guide for interpretation. Also included are three appendices: historical information, the origins of the exaltations and an in-depth look at the tropical-sidereal debate. 252 pages.

Praise for An Introduction to Western Sidereal Astrology

​An Introduction to Western Sidereal Astrology is a modest title for this excellent book. It provides a basic overview of sidereal astrology as it has developed in the West since the rediscovery of the ancient Babylonian sidereal zodiac at the end of the nineteenth century. Arising out of forty years of practice with sidereal astrology, this book is a gift to the world, representing the reemergence in our time of an astrology based upon the actual positions of the stars themselves and offering insightful interpretations of the stellar script as it comes to expression in the horoscope.

Robert Powell, Ph.D, author of History of the Zodiac and many other works, and co-author of the recently published book, The Astrological Revolution.

With An Introduction to Western Sidereal Astrology, Ken Bowser has produced a valuable contribution to the astrological literature that is both scholarly and practical. His careful, well-resourced explanations of the Babylonian origination of the zodiac (fixed to the celestial sphere, and not the equinoxes) and its reintroduction into modern astrology are a must-read for both students and professionals. On the practical side, he shows astrologers who want to try out the sidereal zodiac how to use it in everyday work. His outstanding planet combinations, which are independent of the zodiac, can be used by anyone and everyone who wants to master the art of astrology.

Ken Irving, Editor, American Astrology Magazine, Horoscope Guide

​Bowser skillfully and eloquently leads the reader through a tour of the complex issues at the heart of the zodiac issue with a level of clarity that can only be conveyed by someone who has attained a deep and comprehensive understanding of his subject. Ken Bowser is incontrovertibly qualified to write a book of this title, and he has chosen his moment well.

Deborah Houlding, Editor, The Traditional Astrologer and


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