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Zodiacs Old and New by Cyril Fagan
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Cyril Fagan (1896-1970) was one of the finest astrologers of the 20th century. Often called the "father of western sidereal astrology," Fagan was a great astrological scholar, brilliant technician and extraordinary interpreter. His first book, Zodiacs Old and New, published in 1950, has long been out of print. Since Fagan's death in 1970, there have been several discoveries that support Fagan's arguments about the antiquity of the sidereal zodiac. The updated edition will include this information, along with commentary by Kenneth Bowser.

Your donation will help with the editing, production and printing of this book. All contributors will be listed as supporters in the book. With a contribution of $50 or more, you will also receive an advance copy of the book signed by Ken.

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