An Introduction to Western Sidereal Astrology

Western sidereal astrology is based on the Babylonian sidereal zodiac, the original zodiac. In this easy to read book, Kenneth Bowser shows the western astrologer how to use the sidereal zodiac for accurate astrological interpretations. Both professional astrologers and students will appreciate the clear and helpful delineation of the planets, signs, houses and aspects as they appear in the sidereal chart. ​​

Primary Directions and the Horoscope of the United States

This book reveals a time for the U.S. chart that has passed very rigorous test applied against it to date—and it may be based on an eye-witness account. Primary directions, one of the most accurate timing tools in astrology, were used by ancient and medieval astrologers. Using this technique, Kenneth Bowser has found the primary direction pattern that corresponds to the historical events of our country—the Civil War, Women's Suffrage, our victory in WWII, the Civil Rights Movement and more. 

Cyril Fagan

Zodiacs Old and New

A Probe Into Antiquity and What Was Found

Edited and Introduced

by Kenneth Bowser